How to create a good impression with stamps

My tips for creating a good impression

  1. You should work on a firm surface, a solid table or window ledge, don’t try stamping on your laptray.
  2. Use quality stamps and inks, you can’t create a good impression if the stamp is already corrupted.
  3. Use suitable card, we have sold speciality stamping card for some years, many stamp companies now do this. We do it so you get the best from our product and you have access to the same quality materials that we use in the studio.
  4. If possible find a good teacher. It will save you money in the long-term.
  5. Practise your stamping, like your practised your handwriting all those years ago. Don’t give up when you don’t get a good impression first time; you still have the stamp and ink have another go, think about what you might have done wrong.
  6. Avoid over inking the stamp by tapping with the ink pad and not pushing the ink pad on to the stamp.
  7. Buying a stamp is an investment. When you a buy a stamp consider how many way you can use it.
  8. Think off the page, there are so many ways and crafts you can use a stamp.